At Home in Russia, at Home on the Prairie DVD

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This documentary about the Germans from Russia examines what causes a region, a place, to imprint itself upon the people who are born and live there. What is the connection between landscape and memory; what is forgotten, what is remembered? How may a territory endure in the minds of the descendants of those inhabitants after years, even after generations, have passed?

Stories provided by Msgr. Joseph Senger, Christina Gross Jundt, Helen Feist Krumm, Dr. Adam Geisinger, Fr. Thomas Welk, Theresa Kuntz Bachmeier, Barbara Schneider Risling, Ron Volk, Colleen Zeiler, Debra Marquart, Mary Ebach, and Clara Ebach. Production funding provided by the Germans From Russia Cultural Preservation Foundation; German From Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries; Monsignor Joseph Senger; and the members of Prairie Public. Producer Bob Dambach; Writers Dona Reeves-Marquardt and Lewis Marquardt; Executive Producers Michael Miller and Bob Dambach.