More Precious Than Gold DVD

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Of the factors that will shape North Dakota's future, water is the least understood and least talked about by the state's citizens. During a time when the American public spends more than $10,000 a minute on designer water, very little attention is paid to the water than gushes so obediently from their kitchen faucets. In this 60-minute documentary on DVD, More Precious Than Gold examines the important issues facing North Dakota and poses the questions the region must answer about its future.

What must we do to improve the supply and quality of water on the Indian reservations, to rural residents, to small communities with antiquated infrastructure, and to large population centers outgrowing their current water sources? How will we supply water to our growing population centers in times of drought? Will we be able to meet our own water needs and the demands of upstream and downstream concerns? How can we answer concerns about biota transfer? What can be done to ensure that every North Dakotan has an adequate supply of high quality, affordable water?