Painting with Paulson Series 13 DVD

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In this two-disc companion DVD to the thirteenth season of the Painting with Paulson public television series, Buck paints seascapes, landscapes, and a portrait of a young girl. In addition to the 13 30-minute programs, Buck has included bonus segments in which he talks about color and composition, the value of color, creating movement, and defining and refining. Also included are line drawings of Buck’s paintings that can be downloaded on a computer and printed to use as guides.

Painting with Paulson Series 13

Mood parts 1 and 2

Waterfall parts 1 and 2

Final Moment parts 1 and 2

King of the High Seas parts 1 and 2

Wood Interiors parts 1 and 2

The Orange Peeler parts 1, 2, and 3


Producer: Bob Dambach

Director: Barbara Gravel

Editors: Heidi Nelson and Cassie Larson

Closed captioning by Armour Captioning