Prairie Public Classics Collections: Prairie Public Cooks! DVD

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Join hosts Bob Dambach and Becky Jones as they present the best recipes from cooks across the prairie region with these cooking programs from the Prairie Public Classics collection: D is for Desserts, P is for Pasta, S is for Soups and Stews, and P is for Pork.


D is for Desserts

If there is one thing prairie cooks are known for, it’s their mouthwatering desserts. From old-time favorites like French Silk Pie to new-fangled stand outs like Tiramisu, the desserts our guests whip up in this episode of Prairie Public Cooks will have you scrambling for the kitchen.

P is for Pasta

The hard red durum wheat grown on the prairie is tailor-made for pasta production. In this episode of Prairie Public Cooks, our guests turn this home grown favorite into an array of delectable dishes ranging from creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta to zesty Zippy Ziti.

S is for Soups & Stews

Nothing is better on a crisp winter’s day than a steaming bowl of the hearty soups and stews that prairie cooks have turned out for generations. Whether your favorite is a pot of Borscht brimming with vegetables or a stick-to-your-ribs casserole of Chicken Paprikash zipped up with peppers, you’ll find something to love in this episode of Prairie Public Cooks.

P is for Pork

Pork may call itself “the other white meat” but it’s the star of the show in this episode of Prairie Public Cooks. You’ll find dishes for any meal by some of the best cooks from the prairie region. Your stomach will be growling for these kitchen standouts as our guests turn out main courses, side dishes, and ribs of many flavors.