Painting with Paulson Series 14 DVD

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In this two-disc companion DVD to the fourteenth season of the Painting with Paulson public television series, Buck paints seascapes and landscapes. In addition to the 13 30-minute programs, Buck has included bonus segments in which he talks about enhancement, creative discovery, and building a sky. Also included are line drawings of Buck’s paintings that can be downloaded on a computer and printed to use as guides as well as Buck's finished paintings.

Painting with Paulson Series 14

Surging Surf parts 1 and 2

Island Magic parts 1 and 2

Noon at Silver Falls parts 1 and 2

Quiet Stream parts 1 and 2

Golden Retreat parts 1 and 2

And an Apple parts 1, 2, and 3


Producer: Bob Dambach

Director: Barbara Gravel

Editor: Cassie Larson

Closed captioning by Armour Captioning